Utilities For Alibre Help

Utilities For Alibre

A simple collection of utilities for Alibre including:

  1. Shortcuts - A visual aid in the form of a keyboard.

  2. Shortcuts - A simple report detailing assigned shortcuts.

  3. Data Browser - A custom tool for browsing and optionally setting Alibre design properties.

  4. Sketch Plane Finder - Simple tool to show you on which plane a sketch has been made.

  5. Property Viewer - Explore what id going on inside your designs!

  6. Cycloidal Gears - Generate sketches of cycloidal gears and pinions - ideal for clockmakers.

  7. Involute Spur and Helical Gears - Generate models of Spur and Helical gears.

  8. Bevel Gears - Generate models of Gleason and Standard straight bevel gears.

The latest release is always available from the GitHub repository: https://github.com/bolsover/UtilitiesForAlibre/releases The releases page also provides links to the source code.

Last modified: 04 June 2024